In a world where one single moment can go viral at the touch of a screen, removing any possibility of becoming a rare, distant memory, we try to recall a life prior to the birth of social media and obsessive file sharing.  At Line, we are blessed with legendary makeup artist Francesca Tolot as our Beauty Editor, who has collaborated with an array of talent ranging from classic beauties like Elizabeth Taylor, Cindy Crawford, and Madonna, to photo geniuses like Matthew Rolston, Helmut Newton, and Annie Leibovitz (to name very few).  Like stumbling upon a great vintage find, one can only imagine our delight when we discovered Tolot’s treasure trove of behind-the-scenes imagery from iconic shoots that took place prior to our lives exploding with Instagram and Twitter.  Please keep in mind that we are in no way knocking present times. We consider ourselves avid users, and borderline addicts of today’s photo sharing culture.  However, we couldn’t help but acknowledge the fact that these tangible photographs now making their way into the digital world almost twenty years later, would be web-famous and less unique at this very moment had Tolot been provided the option of Instagramming her images on set back in 1994.

There are many exciting aspects to focus on in regards to the gems we recently dug up, hence the reason behind making this our Story Of The Month.  First off, this mid-nineties Vogue editorial was shot by famed photographer Herb Ritts, starring fashion it-girls of past and present, Kate Moss, Amber Valletta, and Bridget Hall.  It’s safe to say a majority of us are accustomed to seeing Kate’s face on a daily basis, whether on the billboard of an ad-campaign, the latest cover of a high-fashion magazine, or gracing our television screens in her Rimmel London commercials.  Amber Valletta continues to model, but she’s also known for her skills as an actress.  She has appeared in a number of films since 2000, but her most notable gig to us Revenge fans was her role as Madeline Stowe’s best friend turned frenemy, Lydia Davis.  Finally, Bridget Hall is an example of one of the greatest movements occurring in the fashion industry to date – the return of the supermodel.  Designers Jason Wu and Calvin Klein reintroduced the beauty that is Christy Turlington in recent ads, and now, the ultra-skilled Prabal Gurung sheds light on his love for Bridget in his current online campaign.

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